About Us

EduCompass is founded by two life-long learners with a shared passion for education. Together we bring 40 years of academic and professional experience across the US, Europe, and Asia in a multitude of disciplines and roles, including teaching, academic advising, mentoring and coaching.

"Our personal stories as international students and now parents of expat students inspired us to offer help to anyone who is passionate about quality education. We want to help you discover the best fit colleges and universities in two of the most attractive educational destinations in the world, the US and UK."



Anush is the Co-Founder of EduCompass and leads the advice to students interested in studying in the UK. She is a youth empowerment professional who draws on her combined academic and professional experience to help students find the right match to pursue their dream careers.

Anush Aghabalyan


Lusine is an educational leader with 20 years of experience in teaching, academic advising and coaching. As a Co-Founder of EduCompass she advises students eager to continue their education in the US higher education institutions.

Lusine Galajyan


Being alumni of the top universities in the US and Europe, we know first-hand the challenges you might face on your journey. To help you overcome that, we offer tailored advice and support to navigate the UK and US education systems. Based in the two main educational destinations for international students and interacting in different languages, including English and Russian, we will act as the gateway to your new educational opportunity.

Why Us?

Personal admission adviser

From day one up until your admission, you will receive one-on-one guidance from a dedicated consultant.

At the core of our support are your unique needs and interests.
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Passionate about education

Education transformed our lives and made us believe in its power. We believe everyone deserves a chance to education.

Your success is the foundation of everything we do.
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We know the process from within

For us, Harvard, Tufts University, Fletcher School, University of Amsterdam, Raoul Wallenberg School, Maastricht School of...

Management are not just any school, they are our Alma mater. We help students recognize their strengths to make their applications competitive and memorable, yet ensure their authentic voice.
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Education with purpose

We worked for educational institutions, United Nations, philanthropic foundations, governments and youth organisations.

With experience across multiple sectors and disciplines, we are well placed to assist matching your life and career aspirations with the programme of your choice.
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Based in Boston, US and London, UK

Based in the two main educational destinations for international students, we will be your gateway to the latest developments in the field of higher education globally, as well as locally in the US and the UK.

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Multilingual and multicultural support

We are consulting in English and Russian. We have studied in different educational systems and will act as your bridge to help you understand foreign educational ...

systems and admission processes as well as transfer your past grades and extracurricular achievements.
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