Free Diagnostics Session

Our free diagnostic session is meant to determine whether the parties are a good match and are ready to collaborate for end results.

  • Prior to the session, you will need to fill in an assessment survey.
  • After submitting the assessment survey, you will receive an email from your personal consultant inviting you for a free Diagnostic Session.
  • During the call with you and your parents, we will conduct an initial assessment of your interests, academic achievements, knowledge of English, understand interest in location/country of study and extracurricular activities and other factors that will influence the choice of your degree program, university and location. This also includes budget availability.
  • Both parents and prospective students are invited to participate in this session. We expect parents and students to share insight information about the academic interests and college preferences of the student, his/her extracurricular activities, hobbies etc. The consultant will share with your insights about his/her professional experience, be ready to answer all your questions, set timelines and discuss the budget.
  • If both parties determine they are a good match we will proceed with signing the contract and starting with the package of your choice.