College/University Onboarding

Being able to adjust to a new educational system and a new culture is perhaps one of the most important facets of your experience abroad.

From our personal experience we know how challenging it is for an international student to pursue higher education abroad. It is a change of the system of education you were used to, change of grading system, cultural shock, a different communication style and many other things. We will be glad to assist you with your college/university orientation weeks, course selection, choice of subjects in your majors and minors, etc.

  • Visa support

    We can advise admitted students on the required visa type, guide with filling in the visa form, prepare for an interview at the Embassies, help to make necessary payments for international students.

  • Orientation

    To help make the transition into student life in the UK and US as smooth as possible, we will assist you with understanding and following up all the essential information you receive from the university, and get settled down in your college/university and the new country.

  • Accommodation

    We can assist students with booking on-campus accommodation or help them find an off-campus accommodation, not far from their place of study.

  • Academic advising/coaching and course selection

    It might be a bit daunting to make your first selection of academic courses, so we are happy to help and guide you on the choice of the courses that will set you on the right path towards gaining the degree in your selected field of study.